Last night I was with my massage therapist and he mentioned that every week when he works on me, he can feel changes in my body. As we talked a bit, he suggested I regularly blog on my progress of this body reconstitution project. I like his suggestion and so here goes.

This week is the first week of month 3 and I am full steam ahead and feeling the changes. Uldi wouldn’t let me get into a gymnastics gym until I dropped the 20 pounds so finally we’re in a gym and it’s pretty amazing. Notable for this week is the fact that I am no longer allowed to climb a rope using my feet. (which hey, I thought it was pretty cool to be able to climb a rope any which way!) Now I have to start sitting on the floor in a straddle and climb the rope with only my arms. Let’s just say it’s well, interesting.

This week was also my first time on a trampoline which was really cool. I felt like a little kid again…actually I spend lots of time feeling like a little kid which could be because I am surrounded by them at the gym or because I am constantly covered in white chalk like I was in 3rd grade. I, however, refuse to accept any notion of my being too old for this training.

Uldi has me doing much of my training in a weighted vest which I just increased from 20 to 30 lbs. Yesterday, Alvin and I went for a run from his house to a hill and then he dropped the bomb that our workout was to run up the hill and then immediately back down and then drop immediately into 20 reps of a core exercise where he stands behind me and I raise my legs vertically towards his chest and he pushes them back down. That was to be my rest period and we were to repeat this set 10 times…in the weight vest.

Today as I was a bit sore from Monday’s training on the rings and rope, Tuesday’s power tumbling, and yesterdays weighted run, Uldi decided he was going to destroy my core…and said “Don’t schedule anything fun tomorrow because you won’t be able to laugh.” 100 of the exercise I described above followed by 100 crunches, 100 v-snaps (lying flat, hands and feet meet above your stomach), and a few hundred other moves followed by plank and knee raises on the parallel bars, I think he may be right. He then reminds me if I stop eating like a pig, I’ll have that 6 pack soon.

Side note: My food intake is now 80% from a chef at an organic farm who prepares my meals with simple ingredients all gluten and dairy free and sends them to me. But hey pigs eat at organic farms too so he may have a point.

Physically I feel stronger and lighter than I ever have for sure. My flexibility is increasing and I can see clear changes in my body.

Mentally I am more determined than ever. One interesting thing about acrobatics is that it can’t be done 95%…each movement has to be 100% or nothing otherwise you risk injury. Such an endeavor can tend to bring up fears and doubts which Manu, my free running coach, pushes me through pretty intensively. I am loving this mental aspect of constant transcendence of fear.

Spiritually I feel lighter and freer. One of the things that occurred during the first 6 weeks of weight dropping was that some old baggage that was being stored in my tissues processed through and I had to let go of a few things. It was a first hand experience of how issues get stored in the tissues. My body rebelled and was angry at me for about 6 weeks. But all is better now and my spirit is soaring. For me this project is my path in 2012 to become physically, mentally, and spiritually not just stronger than has ever been possible but also fully integrated. One of the things that is most important to me in life is the attainment of spiritual and material/physical balance because it can be so easy to lean one way or the other. So this is my own personal challenge to integrate that.

The universe is also giving me an opportunity to work patiently on my patience. This lesson is coming in several forms, one of which is my physical training which I cannot push too hard lest I risk injury. Patience has never been my strongest quality but it’s one that I need for my next movements in life so I’m all for it. The thing about patience is that I can’t dive in head first cathartically like I do with fear. It’s kind of the opposite approach. I have to be patient with my own patience…it’s something of the yin aspect of the spiritual element of this training. The yang aspect would be commitment. So, patience and commitment in 2012.

How about you? Have you tuned into the lessons the universe is giving you in 2012? 2012 is a powerful year for many reasons….

Uldi and I had a little fun today. After telling me my first attempts at a front flip look like “a dead cat that the neighbor found in his pool and threw back,” we made a little tongue in cheek video about my training. Enjoy the Eastern European sarcasm as much as I do……without having to be told you look like a dead cat!

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