I am now 11 months into my reverse aging project for 2012 and my body’s age is now 24. (Don’t ask me how I know this, you wouldn’t believe me anyway)

In January of this year, I was taken under the wing of an Olympic Gymnastics Coach and a French Parkours Expert. Both are Cirque du Soleil acrobats and when I first met Uldi, the Hungarian Gymnast, he said

“Vell, DJ…as comparing to most Americans you very fit and strong. But for where you want to go, you fat and veak.” (My early progress with him is detailed in other articles on this blog)

Thus began a quest to see just what I could accomplish and I decided to throw myself into it.

So, I wanted to write some of what I have learned about the aging process and how to stop it. I don’t expect everyone to do what I did, but I know that some of what I have learned can be useful to all who wish to feel better and be more healthy

First of all, aging is comprised of several factors:

1. Certain inevitable physiological processes
2. Beliefs about aging held in the collective consciousness
3. Energetic factors

All of the above are influenced by beliefs, diet, and lifestyle. My sister and I recently looked at pictures of old friends from high school and college and were astounded at how bad and aged they looked.

Sadly, most people live in a way that ages them far more rapidly than they should. Scientists have discovered that when compared with animals, the natural lifespan of humans should be around 120 years. My dog is now 12 or 84 in human years and still has the energy of a puppy because of how he’s been cared for.

Check out this group of friends who took pictures every 5 years and look how they’ve let themselves go over the years:

Friends Take Pictures Every 5 Years

The first place to start exploring why people are aging faster than they should is to look at Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was fortunate to do a 2 year apprenticeship in TCM in my teen years and my quest this year has brought me back to the principles with which I basically grew up.

I also worked with an anti aging MD who prescribed certain supplements and monitored my blood chemistry. Having mostly worked with older people and steroid using men whose natural testosterone has diminished down to nothing, he was quite surprised when I walked in in great health wanting to optimize everything. Last time I saw him he said “You’re knocking it out of the park.” On a side note, he’s a very interesting guy…he had a career as a neurologist and then went into aging medicine where he makes a huge impact in people’s lives and relationships.

Before we delve into physiology and theory, I first want to share some of the actual steps I took that reverse aged me this year. I will then explain each one in more detail in future articles

Basically the whole idea is to get the body back to its natural state and prime it for optimization. The body is amazingly adaptable but can only work with what you give it. This sounds like a lot of work but really it isn’t. We are simply returning to living in a more natural way closer to nature, as we are designed to do.

I know many people won’t take all of these steps however I’ll be detailing them in future posts so you can understand the science behind them and choose which ones, if any, are a good match for you.

1. Cut out all wheat, dairy, sugar, white carbs, artificial anything, and anything processed
2. Eat only organic foods as close to the earth as I could
3. Light on heavy meats
4. Eat 5 meals per day until you are about 75% full
5. Take something warming with the meals…tea or soup
6. Began a multivitamin including fish oils and tribulus
7. Started chinese longevity herbs
8. Started a supplement to manage cortisol
9. Workout an hour per day and stretch
10. Began an amino acid supplement to release growth hormone
11. Switched to GABA Brown Rice as my main source of carbs. Added adzuki beans to the rice
12. Keep the neck warm
13. I didn’t stop drinking…but I drink mainly wine or vodka/tequila with soda. No sugar
14. Stay clear of harmful energies
15. Don’t smoke cigarettes
16. Eat breakfast…and include protein such as eggs. Typical breakfast for me is eggs with gaba rice, fruit, a piece of gluten free toast, and tea
17. Eat lighter at night and don’t eat within 3 hours of bed
18. Sleep at least 8 hours per night
19. Regular chiropractic and massage to keep the spine and muscles from tightening
20. Raw vegetable juice!
21. Manage your emotions as emotional weight can often get stored as physical weight

Here are the results so far:

> My blood chemistry went from a bit out of whack to perfect
>My blood pressure resting is 102/64
>My testosterone was initially 530 and is now 900. (T ranges from 250 which is ED range up to 1100. Mine wasn’t low but it wasn’t as high as it could be)
> I lost 30 pounds
> Dropped to 11.5% bodyfat and still dropping
> In the first few months people told me I looked 10 years younger
> Dropped from a 36 to a 29/30 waist. It was annoying to have to keep buying new jeans
> Had to get all of my shirts tailored

I’ll explore the purpose behind each of the concepts and steps in more detail in a series of individual blog articles….if you wish to follow this series, please subscribe to this blog or enter your email address on the right. There’s nothing for sale here…just me sharing what I’ve learned…