I am going to discuss the one thing you should cut from your diet to really notice a huge difference. 

This is part three in an ongoing series on how I found the fountain of youth. Note that even though I’m not selling anything, I’m playing with catchier headlines to get more clicks. In the last post I covered specific ingredients to cut out of your diet, in this installment I am going to share the one group of foods that are wreaking more havoc on your body than anything else.

That group is:

 Anything processed!

That’s right. Modern food processing strips food of pretty much all of its nutritional value by modifying it  to the point where it basically becomes empty calories.

Here are some specific things to look out for

Artificial Sweeteners: Nutrasweet (aspartame) causes the same insulin release from the pancreas as sugar so if you think you’re sparing yourself the side effects of sugar, you are not. It is also an excitotoxin which simply put means it messes with your brain. Sucralose (splenda) is a combination of table sugar and chlorine. I can’t emphasize enough how much you should avoid these sweeteners

MSG: Also an excitotoxin added to many asian foods. Known to give you a headache. Ongoing excitotoxicity can be very dangerous.

 Artificial Colors: Clues are words like “FD&C Blue” in the ingredients list. This is more crap that is foreign to the body

 Pasteurization: Louis Pasteur did in fact invent a process to kill bacteria. However, pasteurization which happens by raising the temperature of things like milk to near boiling also destroys the beneficial bacteria, necessary enzymes, and energetic qualities of the milk. Opt instead of raw milk. Even better, is raw goat milk. You’ll have to look around your area for it. Your body will love you for giving it raw foods with natural enzymes to help it digest.

Trans fats also called hydrogenated oils: These are used in things like margarine to keep it solid at room temperature. Basically hydrogen is pumped through the fat and in the process changes the chemical structure of the molecules to a form that 1) is solid at room temperature and 2) The body has no idea what to do with. Some states have considered banning foodswith hydrogenated oils. Go for natural alternatives

Preservatives: Things like sodiumbenzoate and sulfites are added to foods to preserve them. Truth is, it’s possible to preserve foods using anti-oxidants like vitamins c and e. More chemicals = more stress on your body

 Water: I’ll go into this in the future but avoid tap water as it contains chlorine and fluoride. Think about it – if chlorine is toxic to the cells of bacteria, what would make it wonderful for our cells? Cells are cells. Opt instead for alkaline bottled waters in BPA free containers or get a good water filter. More later.

Fat Free:  This was the fad of the 90s…fats are necessary for life, the key is to eat the right fats in the right amounts. To remove the fat from foods with naturally occurring fats requires artificial processing.

 GMOs: Genetically modified foods are banned in most countries except the US. We don’t yet know the dangers of genetically modifying things. Be aware and go for “non-gmo.”

Hormones: Girls are hitting puberty way earlier than they should these days and much of this is a result of the steroids given to cows so they produce far more milk and meat than they are supposed to. They are also given to poultry.  These chemicals remain in the body and they get passed to us through consumption. Think of how you feel when you see a steroid freak walking around. So why would you eat one? Go for organic and free range varieties.

Antibiotics: Are given in large doses to cattle to prevent disease but they are also giving rise to a huge problem of drug resistant bacteria. Our bodies need healthy bacteria to function and there are times when we  have to take an antibiotic to treat an illness. But why would you want to ingest them everyday? 

Mercury in Fish: Another huge problem. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man.

As I’ve stated above, processing destroys the food we eat and nearly all the foods we eat processed.

Avoid it.

Opt for organic alternatives and stay as close to the way nature intended it as you can. This is also true for your pets. Modern food puts a lot of stress on our bodies.

Remove the stress, allow your body to return to homeostasis, and see (and feel) what happens! Try it for 30 days, I dare you :)

More Info: http://www.udoerasmus.com/pyramid/pyr_proc/pyramid_proc_text.htm

And yes you can eat healthy on a budget. Write to me and I’ll help you figure out how.

This concludes the two part series on what not to eat. Rest assured I will be devoting plenty of time in future articles to what you should be eating.