Sounds crazy, right?

At one time, I would  have thought so as well. But new research is countering older research and sending us back to our roots. Animals, including humans, have a taste for fat. And it’s not the right kinds of fat that are putting weight on us, it is the sugars, simple carbs, and the refined and processed fats that we eat way too much. Fats are essential and have always been a part of animal diets, grains and sugars have not.

Now here’s the thing – I’m not saying go to the butcher and request all the cow lard you can find and consume it. There are good fats and bad fats. Traditionally research tells us that unsaturated is good and saturated is bad. New research tells us it’s not so simple.

Fats are heavily involved in the production of hormones and proper hormone balance is crucial for everything from longevity to strength to sex drive. Without the right fats, our hormones can’t function optimally.

So what fats to eat? I have 3 suggestions:

Coconut Oil: If you cook only with coconut oil, you will do your body a world of good. Coconut oil is not only comprised primarily of short and medium chain triglycerides but it is also stable for cooking at medium to high heat. The triglycerides in coconut oil have been proven to be thermogenic, meaning they burn fat.

And get this – Coconut is considered one of 3 survival foods; this means you can survive on coconut alone if you had to.

Check out some of the benefits in this article

Note that oils like olive oil are important but should not be used for cooking as they oxidize at low temperatures. Also, it doesn’t taste very coconutty when you cook with it.

Grass Fed Butter: When I heard this one, I thought “Eat more butter? That’s contrary to everything we’ve been taught.” Well think again. The key is not just more butter but specifically grass fed butter. Cows fed a diet of grass (as opposed to standard grains) produce a butter that is very high in conjugated lineoleic acid (CLA), another fat that is key for weight loss and hormonal balance

MCT Oil: A supplement. You can take a tablespoon or two a day or mix it with your salads or smoothies. Medium Chain Triglycerides (A component of coconut oil) are proven to reduce fat deposits. Here’s the research

“Where do I get this stuff?” 

Great question. Whole foods is a good bet. Look for kerrygold butter. Or you can do what I do and just order it online here:

Great Source For Coconut Oil and Grass Fed Butter

I also recommend staying away from Canola Oil. There are a ton of issues with it.

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