Today I had the great honor to assist one of my teachers with the Japanese rite known as Nagoshi no Oharae Taisai.

It’s kind of human nature to like to hold onto things and get in our own way. I mean think about it, how many times have you had a bad day or an emotional reaction to something and it was still annoying you after it was over? These kinds of things get stuck in our unconscious minds and energy fields just like dust accumulates around the house. Just as we have to dust and clean our space, if we “dust off” ourselves as well, we can really be receptive to great things.But just as we wouldn’t put a brand new TV on a dusty shelf, we also need to do this self dusting to be ready for new opportunities.

The Japanese Nagoshi ceremony is conducted at the end of June to release any and all negativity and unfortunate luck from the first part of the year and to open the doors for all good things for the remainder of the year.

Before arriving, each participant uses a rice paper proxy in the shape of a human figure to absorb any negativity in and around their personal energy fields and in their lives.

There are three major aspects to Nagoshi Taisai

First, sacred words of purification are read and participants are covered with small squares of rice paper thrown into the air like confetti. This special paper has the ability to absorb and retain any negative energies and serves as the initial immediate purification

Secondly, each person walks three times through a reed hoop that is designed to purify him/her and is both symbolic and really a way to leave the old behind and step into the new. This serves to open the doors for fresh opportunities.

Rev. Koichi Barrish releases the proxies into the river as part of Nagoshi Taisai

Finally the rice paper proxies encapsulating the negative energies of each person are released into the river where said negativity is completely and thoroughly purified by the water. (what’s more cleansing than mountain water?)

This aspect serves to totally transform anything unfortunate from the first 6 months of the year.

This ancient technology has existed for many centuries in Japan and is akin to a mid year new year.

Many of us are used to preparing for the arrival of the new year but how great would it be to get a fresh start right in the middle of the year?

If this sounds appealing, why not do something right now to create that? A really simple and highly effective practice would be to write on a piece of paper anything you want to release from 2012 so far.

Then, you can either burn this paper and throw some salt on it or throw it into a river while setting a conscious intention to let it go. (FYI please either burn or throw into water. Do not bury it)

Such a practice might sound really simple but this stuff works. Give it a try and do feel free to leave comments. Have a super badass awesome rest of 2012!

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